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Kavarna - Bulgaria

Kavarna - Bulgaria
Kavarna - Bulgaria
Kavarna is currently re-inventing itself - the mayor hosts regular rock festivals in the stadium here and a lively resort is developing around the town's central beach area where there are also plans for a yacht port and marina. It is one of the bigger towns on the Black Sea coast, situated 66km north of Varna and just 12km away from both Balchik and the picturesque Kaliakra cape. There is an excellent beach to the south of the town, which is currently used mainly by the locals, in a protected area know as Thracian Cliffs.

In ancient Greek times, the area was dominated by the Greek fortress of Bizone established in the 5th century BC. In the 1st century BC, however, the town was almost completely ruined down by a severe earthquake. Later on, it was rebuilt and grew into a strong Bulgarian fortress- Karvuna, only to be destroyed again soon afterwards by an invasion of Tatar tribes in the middle Ages.

Shortly before the liberation of the Bulgarian state from the Ottoman yoke, Kavarna witnessed a ruthless suppression of a rebellion of the local Bulgarian population, which ended up with setting the town on fire and a death toll of about 1,200 people. The town of Kavarna was once again rebuilt into agricultural and fishing centre.

To the north of the town, the Kaliakra Cape is an area of outstanding natural beauty. You can often see dolphins and seals along the rocky coastline during your holidays in Bulgaria, as well as pink starlings, rock blackbirds and hooded cormorants along the cliffs.

Kaliakra Cape is where an ancient fortress called Tirisis was located. According to legends the fortress was guarding the treasuries of Lyzimah, successor of Alexander the Great. Today there are quite many remains of those ancient settlements. The Cape is home to one of Bulgaria's most famous legends, that of the twelve local virgin girls who chose to tie their hair together and jump from the high cliffs into the sea, rather than be captured and converted to Islam by the invading Turks.